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“We are happy with our success but never satisfied. We are a white collar job with a blue collar heart. We are fun but fierce. We do business like a family. We only hire best; nothing less is acceptable. We care about each other, our clients, and our tenants. If we have an opportunity that is not in line with what we do best, we pass. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure every investor achieves success. We are Spartan.”

Clayton Mobley - President and FounderClayton Mobley – President and Founder

Clayton Mobley founded Spartan Value Investors in 2010 in a small, 250 square foot office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In the course of three short years, Clayton has grown the business from 3 properties to 200 and raised annual revenues from $110,000 in that first year to a projected $22 million in 2017. He attributes his success to two things: hard work and a continual thirst for knowledge.

Mobley is a born entrepreneur. From an early age, he knew he wanted to run his own company. Starting when he was only 10 years old, he sold deer jerky, installed audio equipment, sold fireworks, and sold his own woodworking projects. While in school at the University of Alabama, Mobley took a position with Cintas (the largest laundry services in the nation). At Cintas, his hard work paid off and he rose to through the ranks to hold the titles of Production Supervisor, Plant Manager, and Service Manager. As Plant Manager, Mobley managed a team of 53 plant workers, 3 supervisors, and more than $250K in monthly material and production costs.

Cintas eventually offered him a promotion to their Atlanta facility, but Mobley had other plans in the works. In his spare time between finishing his Finance degree at the University of Alabama and working full time at Cintas, Mobley had started buying foreclosed houses and flipping them. Mobley knew his true passion was real estate. And that’s where Spartan Invest and it’s parent company Spartan Value Investors was born.

Lindsay Davis

Lindsay Davis, Central Operating Officer

Lindsay Jackson joined Spartan Invest in May of 2011 as a property manager. After only 8 months, in January of 2012, she was promoted to the position of Market Director. In this role, Jackson resides over $4M in total assets and manages the company’s entire retail portfolio. She coordinates, manages, and directs the supply network of over 200 vendors and in 2013 she produced property sales of over $3M.

Brad Cooper
Brad Cooper – Construction Manager

Brad Cooper leads our construction management team. On any given day, he supervises as many as 75 construction and rehab projects around the Birmingham Metro Area. In 2017, Brad will sign purchase orders in excess of $10.3 Million. Brad’s background in logistics and operations makes him the perfect fit for one of the most fast paced and dynamic aspects of the business. Brad is famous on the Spartan Team for continuously doing whatever it takes to ensure the client has a fully functional, high quality investment that will deliver consistent returns for years down the road.

Maureen McCannMaureen McCann – VP of Sales and Marketing

Maureen McCann joined Spartan Invest in April of 2014. As the VP of Sales and Marketing, Maureen brings with her 6 years of sales and marketing experience in the turn key marketplace. Having served as an Investment Property coach for years, Maureen is skilled at helping clients build turn key cash flow portfolios for her clients. Maureen has helped hundreds of investors build the type of rental portfolios necessary to reach their short-term & long-term monthly passive income goals. Investing in turn key real estate for long term wealth generation is something Maureen understands intimately. Whether clients want to replace their current income with passive income or clients are simply looking to supplement their retirement, Maureen can help design the right portfolio with the right end goal in mind. With an incredible work ethic and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Maureen helps provide a peace of mind experience investing in premium income generating properties. She spends time coaching her clients on the wealth building principals that will help her clients and their families protect their capital and mitigate the loss of their capital while investing in real estate. When you are looking for a trusted, reliable, knowledgeable consultant to assist you with building your real estate portfolio, Maureen is the best in the business.

Stephanie DevineStephanie Devine – Director of Property Management

Stephanie Devine has been an operations extraordinaire for the entire Spartan Invest and Alabama Rental Property family. From assisting in property acquisitions to leasing property to handling customer relations, Stephanie can do it all. Before joining the Spartan Team, she worked for Nordstrom where she learned that company culture and customer service are less of a business practice and more of a way of life. This has made her a perfect fit for Spartan Invest and Alabama Rental Property.

Gina McManusGina McManus – Property Manager

Gina McManus has property management in her blood. Ever since she was a small child her family was in the property management business. With over 15 years of experience in property management she has seen it all: leasing, work orders, move-outs, insurance claims, owner draws, and the list goes on. She has been instrumental in keeping Spartan’s property management company, Alabama Rental Property, running like a well oiled machine. She runs the lowest maintenance expense ratio in the business, and she’s the only one you want managing your property.

Clint Johnson, Renovation Expert - Licensed General Contractor & Home Builder

Clint Johnson, Renovation Expert – Licensed General Contractor & Home Builder

Clint Johnson has been with the Spartan Family for over 4 years. He currently owns and operates C&L Homebuilders but maintains an exclusive contract with Spartan Invest. On average, Johnson oversees five projects at any given time, and serves as the director for all things “renovation” and “maintenance”. He currently holds contracts with over 30 vendors and subcontractors. This large network combined with the fact that his company is on schedule to complete 60 property renovations for Spartan this year allows him to dictate economies of scale contracts with his vendors and provide the very best price possible to the property investor.

Bo Alexander, Renovation Expert – Licensed General Contractor & Home Builder

Bo Alexander, Renovation Expert – Licensed General Contractor & Home Builder

Working side-by-side with Clint Johnson, Bo Alexander adds the perfect touch to an outstanding renovation team. As the previous owner of five different specialized contracting businesses, he’s done everything from building new houses to renovating commercial buildings; but his specialty lies in product sourcing and project insourcing. By always searching for the best way to complete a task, he is the critical factor that allows Spartan investors to achieve the very best price for their finished product.

Terry EdwardsTerry Edwards, Renovation Expert

Licensed General Contractor & Home Builder. Terry Edwards has been with the Spartan Team for the better part of 4 years and has been tremendously successful bringing Spartan properties to market with exceptional quality. With over 20 years of contracting experience, there is little that Terry hasn’t come across or seen in his tenure. In his career, he’s worn the hat of a locksmith, carpenter, painter, roofer, plumber, and electrician, so whatever the task, Terry is the right man for the job. Most importantly, he is able to effectively motivate and inspire a crew of over 20 individuals to achieve stellar quality at a reasonable price.

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