About Us


Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Spartan Invest is a full service provider of turnkey real estate investments. With a portfolio of over 200 homes and a history of sound financial excellence, we have the unique ability

to deliver best-in-class service to our investors through our holistic approach to real estate investment. Our mission is simple: to deliver the maximum return on investment to each of our investors. We do this by only entering into investments in which we have a strong competitive advantage and by implementing proven processes and procedures.

At Spartan, we believe that integrity is the indispensable quality upon which all other values must stand. This belief precedes our determination to conduct business the right way in every transaction and interaction.

Our formula for success is simple: We are industrious. We are unceasingly persistent, hardworking, and in pursuit of intellectual growth.
However simple this may seem, we believe that hard work is the foundation for all sound investments. We will work through the night and sometimes go to incredible lengths to verify new ventures and eliminate risk. We also realize that there are many who work hard but few who succeed. We earnestly believe that continuous education is the other critical piece essential to success. With any investment, there is risk. With extreme effort, there is less.

The Spartan Difference:

  • We find the best properties. Only 1% of all properties that we review meet our standards for maximum return potential.
  • We streamline renovations. Because we have 10 or more renovations active at any one time, we can streamline vendors and materials to achieve economies of scale not possible for smaller companies or single investors.
  • We consider the long-term. We know that as an investor, you want to avoid major repairs over the course of your investment, which is why we put new tin roofs and new HVAC in almost every renovation.
  • We guide our investors. We will work with you to create a personalized investment strategy and then identify the right properties within our portfolio to accomplish that strategy.
  • We are experts at leasing and marketing. There’s a reason that our properties average less than 21 days from final renovation to tenant occupied. Our marketing process is efficient and effective.
  • We screen vigorously. We only accept the best of the best in our tenant applications. We require higher credit scores than most of our competitors.
  • We have an in-house maintenance team. Our maintenance team responds to every repair request within 24 hours. It reduces cost to our owners and keeps tenants happy.
  • We handle everything. From rental agreements and collecting rent to repairs and move-in/move-out coordination, our owners never have to deal with any property management, they just sit back and collect monthly checks.
  • We provide complete transparency. Our PropertyWare softwareallows every investor to check on their property in real-time. You can always login and know exactly what is going on with your property.
  • The Spartan Buy Back Guarantee. If for any reason, in the first 365 days after purchasing a property from Spartan, you decide that you don’t want that property or you are not happy with the process, we will buy the property back from you for your full purchase amount. Guaranteed.

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