The Tax Man Cometh: Deferring Taxation With a 1031 Exchange, Part 2

If you’ve been researching tax strategies for real estate investment online, you’ll certainly have run across mention of the ‘1031 Like-Kind Exchange’ before. However, most people don’t understand the very specific structure of this type of transaction. To properly execute a 1031 exchange, you must adhere to a series of steps and fulfill a number of requirements regarding the type and value of the property you wish to purchase, all within a rigid timeline. The process is easy to mishandle, and the result could be a whopping tax bill, so knowing the ins and outs of this type of transaction is key to a successful exchange.


The Tax Man Cometh: Deferring Taxation With a 1031 Exchange, Part 4

Successfully investing in real estate, like any other investment, requires making the most out of every penny. For many investors, this means taking advantage of tax strategies that allow them to defer tax liability on their capital gains in order to put that money to work earning – you guessed it – more money.


Dividend Investing Beyond the Stock Market

One of the first things any good financial advisor will tell you is to make sure that your money is working for you, no matter where you put it. This means that instead of holding cash in a checking or savings account, you should choose investments that allow the total value of your account to grow without any further effort on your part. The extra money you earn from this type of set-it-and-forget-it investment is called ‘passive income’ and it is the holy grail of prudent money management.

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