Autocar comes to Center Point, AL

Written By Lindsay Davis

On April 19, 2018, Autocar celebrated the grand opening of its new facility in Centerpoint, Alabama. Autocar was able to transform the former Meadowcraft facility into their 1.3 million square foot manufacturing plant in less than a year.


Autocar manufactures cement trucks and garbage/refuse trucks. AL.com states “Autocar was founded in 1897 and is the oldest motor vehicle brand in the United States. It built America's first truck in 1899 and makes heavy-cab trucks.”


At present, Autocar is employing 746 people with an average salary of $58,000. They have plenty of room to grow since they are only using one of the two former Meadowcraft buildings. Governor Kay Ivey pronounced “Today reflects a commitment to build not only a business, but a community, and a state, all for the better good.”


Josh Carpenter, director of the Birmingham Office of Economic Development, was part of the ribbon cutting ceremony. He is looking to the future with his remark “The city has a large industrial park next to the Autocar plant that would be a perfect place for suppliers.” Reported by Alabamanewscenter.com.


Thorton, William ( 2018, April 19) Autocar opens $120 million manufacturing facility


Toberlin, Michael (2018, April 19) Autocar holds grand opening at Birmingham area truck plant




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