Brooke Stafford

AL Rental Property Leasing Agent

Brooke Stafford joined the Spartan Invest team through Alabama Rental Property as a full time leasing agent in 2016. Before Spartan, Brooke attended The University of Alabama, where she received a degree in Marketing. She then went on to earn her masters at Mercer University in Early Childhood Education and Curriculum and Instruction. Since school, Brooke has worked for Certified Valuation Group and was also a special education teacher for several years. Brooke specializes in actively seeking tenants for our rental properties. Anything from marketing to multiple showings, Brooke will do whatever it takes to keep our properties occupied. Currently, she has accumulated over 15 security deposits a month! While we at Spartan Invest and Alabama Rental Property believe Brooke is exceptional – her three children stated her special skills included “you can drive,” “you can mom pretty good,” and “you can communicate without talking through your facial expressions.”


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