Clayton Mobley

President and Founder

Clayton Mobley founded Spartan Value Investors in 2010 in a small, 250 square foot office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In the course of three short years, Clayton has grown the business from 3 properties to 200 and raised annual revenues from $110,000 in that first year to a projected $22 million in 2017. He attributes his success to two things: hard work and a continual thirst for knowledge.

Mobley is a born entrepreneur. From an early age, he knew he wanted to run his own company. Starting when he was only 10 years old, he sold deer jerky, installed audio equipment, sold fireworks, and sold his own woodworking projects. While in school at the University of Alabama, Mobley took a position with Cintas (the largest laundry services in the nation). At Cintas, his hard work paid off and he rose to through the ranks to hold the titles of Production Supervisor, Plant Manager, and Service Manager. As Plant Manager, Mobley managed a team of 53 plant workers, 3 supervisors, and more than $250K in monthly material and production costs.

Cintas eventually offered him a promotion to their Atlanta facility, but Mobley had other plans in the works. In his spare time between finishing his Finance degree at the University of Alabama and working full time at Cintas, Mobley had started buying foreclosed houses and flipping them. Mobley knew his true passion was real estate. And that’s where Spartan Invest and it’s parent company Spartan Value Investors was born.


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