Leasing is possibly the most critical component for an investment property. You make money on your investment by having a tenant. Therefore, it is critical that you achieve maximum occupancy year-over-year. The leasing team at Spartan Invest has been marketing and leasing rental property for over 10 years.

Good leasing starts with having a good inventory of properties. Having better properties leads to recruiting better tenants faster and maintaining maximum occupancy rates. Spartan Invest is very careful about the houses we purchase. We seek houses located in better neighborhoods on better streets and we bring each house’s finish quality to the top 10% in the respective neighborhood during our renovation process.

After ensuring that we have the best properties, Spartan follows a proprietary marketing plan for every property in our management portfolio. This plan has been tested and refined over many years and now includes a mix of online and traditional marketing strategies that we believe generate the most quality tenant leads.

We follow up our marketing strategy with a rigorous tenant screening process including background check and credit check. We are very selective about our tenants and require higher credit scores than most property management companies. We can be selective because our reputation combined with our inventory selection has provided us with a wide pool of potential tenants.

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